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  1. Dear Booru Admins, Owners, etc:

    The reason why your website has been receiving take-down notifications is because of government endorsed rulings and organizations pushing for the extinction of the genre and artwork of lolicon. Right now, also due to the hysteria and push from the U.S., the governments of the world believe that targeting hentai and lolicon will somehow protect children. Unfortunately this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Instead it is a clear move by the government to censor freedom of speech by banning pixels and images, while wasting millions of dollars censoring artwork and treating both artists and fans as criminals. Likewise, there has been given no research whatsoever that lolicon contributes or even responsible for the behavior of repressed individuals who had since physiological problems before the existence of lolicon. No can a mere book or picture be responsible for the actions and deeds of those who commit murders, drunkards, or any other negative impact in society. But unlike other genres which were given a more even look, lolicon is biasedly, banned upon sight without further address. It is a throw-back of the ComStock Law from the United States which is spreading rapidly on the internet. It is also to falsely categorize and group people as molesters, simply because of the existence of lolicon. It is a knee-jerk hysteria led not by logic and reasoning, but fear and scarlet-branding thought-police exertion.

    It is to say if a person were to read a book about murder, than the one who reads the book will become the murder. This is the logic of the governments and those in society. Lolicon cannot and is not CP, nor is lolicon a training book or a manual. Pixels cannot be children, nor can pixels replace the life of real children. Unfortunately in our modern society it seems that drawings and pixels are being given the top priority of so called protection, by effectively banning the material and sending those who have created or have such off to prisons as convicted molesters. Protecting and ensuring justice for real-children should be the goverment’s top priority, not harassing artists and their artwork due to dislike and ruining their lives by mislabeling them as child abusers or molesters.

    The only way that this will stop if those who believe in the artistic belief of freedom of speech in fiction will step up to the plate and fight for their right to read fiction. Until then, there will be many notices sent out and possible prison-time. This site is not the only site that has been targeted by such organizations. There are others who have fallen before it. Right now, the lolicon community is weak, divided and faulty, an easy target for draconian government sanctification. It is a shame that many great japanese artist artworks will never see the light of day due to these bestowed fears bested upon fiction. Banning artwork in the end, does nothing but silence freedom.

  2. I would actually disagree with you in a smaller sense but I do agree with you that psychological diseases and child molestation have existed way before the internet, but moving forward; we should also encourage viewers not to do things like CP or loli by providing a further accurate and realistic illustrations (at the very least) of the consequences of engaging in child molestation and how horrible that really can be. In other words, If the intent is to have lolicon or child porn in a website then it should be equally paired with a realistic illustration of it being an unethical activity because of the consequences that eventually come into play of committing such activities.

    When Child porn or lolicon is deceptively celebrated within the artwork as the assailant receiving pleasure from the activity through another innocent persons misery, then at this point; the debate about banning has to come into existence. Sadly, there is no doubt that within the human condition, people will attempt to find pleasure within forbidden things and the internet is a creative medium for simulating and stimulating such ideas/desires, however; reality and consequences also need to be portrayed through the artwork. In other words, It should not be much about banning the artwork (I would agree that it is a knee-jerk reaction); but instead I feel it is important that we improve on the art-work by adding further realism and education instead of just the glorified indulgence within the artwork or having committed a forbidden activity and providing half the story.

    I would say the majority of the problem actually exists with the artist and the message he is conveying through his art, and the path of least resistance in his execution without the further portrayal of reality- thus educating or misleading the viewer.

    I would like to contribute to booru as a moderator of content if you guys need extra help in filtering improper artwork. I would actually love to be involved in deleting Child porn and other disgusting inaccuracies based on safety of individuals and respect to law. I am currently looking for remote work so if I can be of further assistance to you guys, please let me know.

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