Russia blocking gelbooru and other hentai sites

A few days ago i saw a topic pop up on gelbooru’s forum from a guy in Russia that was complaining about gelbooru being blocked. Today i have received my own abuse complaint send to myself and my hosting for Below you’ll find the mail send to me, link is NSFW but completely legal obviously.


We should inform you that the URL (located on IP:

contains child pornography.

According to the Federal Law of July 27, 2006 № 149-FZ “On Information, Information Technology and Information Security» ( and the resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation on October 26, 2012 № 1101 ( this IP address and URL will be included to the “Unified register of domain names, Internet web-site page links and network addresses enabling to identify the Internet web-sites containing the information prohibited for public distribution in the Russian Federation” and will be blocked by communication operators on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Please inform us about the removal of information in the shortest time possible.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (ROSKOMNADZOR).

Judging from the picture there isn’t a trace of child pornography or even lolicon for that matter so it looks like Russia is now going for a full hentai ban. Lucky our main focus is not within Russia so impact after being blocked is low but that doesn’t change the fact that Russia seems to be destroying freedom of speech. For the time being we have blocked Russia from accessing the link they gave us.

25 comments on “Russia blocking gelbooru and other hentai sites

  1. >Judging from the picture there isn’t a trace of child pornography or even lolicon for that matter so its looks like Russia is now going for a full hentai ban.

    Now lolicon = CP in Russia, new laws in action. Technically, there’s no full hentai ban, but we don’t have strict rules what is “lolicon”. Instead of this there are several mysterious “experts” who make decisions about such content.

    >Article 15.1. Uniform Automated Information System of the Russian Internet Blacklist
    >5. The details specified in part 2 of this Article shall be recorded onto the Blacklist on the following basis:
    >a) materials containing pornographic images of minors
    Maybe it’s not clear, but “minors” in Russian version of the law means “persons under 18 years of age”. And pay attention to the word “images”, not only real photo/video, but picture art, manga and anime too — that is one of the main point of new laws.

      • One more time:
        >pornographic images of persons under 18
        Our “experts” have their own opinion what is CP and why persons on that image are under 18.

        Btw, not all Russian Internet providers really block IPs from blacklist (government control is shit just like our laws), but now all Russian IP receive error 403 trying to open blocked image on Konachan.

        • No, i just blocked that image myself if you’re connecting from Russia to comply with this abuse report that’s obviously bogus since the experts must have an IQ similar to a monkey.

  2. Russia can go… *whispering* oh, apparently that’s been banned in Russia.

    What I don’t get is, Russia? China I’d understand.

  3. I cannot understand this. What is going on in Russia, all of a sudden? I thought Russia was actually very into asian culture, including of course the NSFW part.

    • General population is. Government – no. You won’t find many channels showing any anime. US cartoons with sometimes very strange humor and graphics – all over the place. Pedophile lynching, murders, rape and sadism with internal organs bursting into viewers’ faces – all over the place.
      They are just trying to cover internal problems without solving any actual problems. And they also do not know about such networks as Tor or I2P, which have much more brutal stuff quite easily found. It looks like they do not understand, that at some point more people will start going to those networks… And then we’ll have a real social problem.
      Thing is, that no one with power is actually willing to do anything. Because they have power and money and that’s enough for them. That’s always been a problem in Russia – they are all scared merchants and not proud-full leaders.
      We need something big. Like really big. Like Moscow getting wiped-out. It’s bad I know, but it will result in economic collapse and then economic and social rise similar to what happened around WW2.

      • agreed with you
        i am living in russia from about 5 years old. i hate everything russian and even myself(i am partially russian). i am not like any russian man, completely different. i live my life and not entervene to others. i even not talking to any people(as possible). because they ugly and primitive. dirty and stupid in their manners. there is no freedom in russia. i wish this country to be destroyed and deprivate of any power it has left.
        right now for 3-4 years i am sitting home and do not want to go out not even because it is dangerous to walk everywhere but moscow, i just hate every man and everything i see outside. i cannot choose clothes i like, colors i like, because its dangerous for health just “to be yourself”, I CANNOT BE MYSELF. i cannot develop my talants , my potential.
        right now i am not even living. i am trying to save that beutifull part of me that still not destroyed by this ugly country, culture. u have no human rights in russia. and u r not allowed to have firepower. it is f**ng ugly dirty place. u have no means to protect your self. and damaging my own body in everyday barehand fights – this is not my way of life. it is also dagerous anyway – they have no morals or ethics(heard “russain sltyle business” words?), so even if u have strong body and can beat ugly russians with bare hands – hienas will beat you with cound(they can easily assemple team and set your house of even flat to fire!!!) there is no police in russia, no law. polise is just a word. is rotten, and even worse than criminals. they damaging peaple instead of protecting.
        lucky i have plenty cheap vpn services ^_^
        and i am also not watching hentai. i just not like it. but i hate the fuct they can do whatever they want with such ease.
        i wish everything and everyone russian is dead on this plnanet. so it will be impossible to accidently(as in my case) get born russian in russa with mere possibility to escape from here. the only easy way to escape from russia – to die. to u knowing.
        i hate that russian part of my human. and i suppressing it as much as possible for me.this plague. russia has no minds and geneous. world can live without russia anyway. thats 100% true. no use from russia or russians.
        i have no life here and everything i do here is collecting money to buy apartment ouside russia and get out this ugly place. i also will never have my own(genetic) child because i do not want to spread this plague. i will adopt foreign nonrussian kid if need will arise- thats 100%
        i also do not understand why russian women are qualified as “butiful” by non russians. look deeper – they all ugly and rotten inside. _especially_ when they get aged(about 30 years old is enough for russian girl to become completely 100% peace of rotten shit. all they hidden worst features are unhiding from within pitchblack of they rotten souls). modern russian women is ugly rotten fat(phisically) bitch.

        • Wow, such a scary story!!
          I’m living in Russia and didn’t know nothing about things, that you wrote here! Oh my God! How can I go on living after that? Ha-ha…
          Nice job, Mr. John Mccain! And finally go to a psychiatrist. =)

          Regarding the ban on some hentai content, it creates a minor inconvenience to me. But I can understand the reasons for this decision. This is done to protect children from this content. Maybe it is not very adequate and creates problems for adults, but … there are more important things in life than the right of any person to watch hentai pictures.

  4. >>We need something big.

    bigger. someone must finish what hitler failed to finish. destroy almost any race on earth. so only few races left on planet. and stupid never fighting each other.

    and that man should better start from russia and china. russia is out of question – no profit from them to human kind anyway especially now. what good from chinese and corean people anyway? look at they life – its hell.
    destroy their government and almost all population. the rest survived population should never grasp goverment powers in other countries.
    to be truth, if only i has the power to destroy people by billions, i rather destroyed every man on earth but buddist monks, Injun(aborigine) – the only people not hurting nature and other people.
    with all my essense i wish that happen.

    • Nope, I’m using FF 3.6. Not using the latest one because it do&21e#8sn7;t support Google Toolbar :(I already disable few added components (Windows calculator, notepad, calendar, google translator icon) and still results the same. I will contact the toolbar developers, thank you 🙂

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