takes down domain after false abuse complaint

Yesterday we received an email from abuse team that my domain got blocked. This is what they said: has recently been notified by that your domain name provides access to child sexual exploitation content.  We have confirmed the validity of this complaint and the content was viewable at the following URLs

You’ll find the URLs in the full email i send to them found below but basically they linked to some lolicon that can be found on xbooru. So let me get this straight, lolicon is now child sexual exploitation? Okay well we got on the phone with’s abuse team and basiclly they told us they can’t help and to reply to their e-mail.

So just disabled my domain name then proceeds to deny any help on the Phone and tell me to reply to the email while my site is down. After this i instantly went ahead and moved my domain to another register. I send an email to telling them to reactivate my domain since there is no child exploitation whatsoever happening, I also told them I ain’t happy with the way the handle stuff and told them I’m moving if this is how they do business. 30 min after that I get an email back telling me how they are so sorry I ain’t happy with their service (lol what, you took down my domain) and copy/pasted a tutorial on how to move the domain. The e-mail had NOTHING addressing the actual issue or WHY my domain was blocked in the first place.


At this point i am raging like a mofo for being treated like complete trash by’s support. I call again and get some guy named John on the phone. He helped me speed up the process of moving my domain but could not help on WHY my domain was blocked. We are now like 2 hours into the downtime, DNS caches are starting to fail and traffic is dropped hard. The transfer was almost complete and i noticed’s name servers are resolving again, i still haven’t gotten anything back from’s abuse team.

Breaking your own terms of service

Since they basically ignored all emails send at this point i started to read their terms of service found here. Desperately trying to find anything against lolicon but couldn’t find any i bumped into something interesting.


I did not break their agreement but even if i did, i should be given 2 business days to make changes to my website. They didn’t even give me a second, the moment that email was send from’s abuse team my site was shut down and unreachable.

User content generated

All booru’s are filled with the time and effort of people contributing to our site. We have heavy moderation but something can always slip trough. Anyone running a domain with that hosts anything user generated such as a forum/wiki/imageboard/etc is in danger of being shut down without warning. Even if the complaint is false does not care about you or even their own terms of service.


This is the email i send to, i have send this to multiple people at but have gotten no response so far.

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  1. So often, images on ‘booru’s are “What you see is what you get,” meaning that a character could be an adult age as in the hentai entitle “Domin-8 me” where the older sister of a main character looks like a minor in age. How would anyone know that the image was of an adult without that inside information? I doubt that anyone outside of the fans of such series would know. How can lolicon be differentiated visually from kiddyporn? Before anyone references the differences in ‘chibi’ or ‘super-deformed’ character depictions versus lolicon, let’s consider the basic drawing skills as those of basic shapes and form: chibi/ super-deformed characters are typically no taller than four of the characters head widths high. That is according to several drawing books by Adam Perry, Christopher Hart, other artists, as well as their publishers. I’ve seen and understand both sides: wants to exist, wants to stay in their location, and defends the right to post lolicon; is worried about public outcry and the technical turmoil that lolicon brings. was wrong by non-compliance with their terms of service. However, if this were a copyright issue and not an aesthetics issue, a Cease-and-Desist-Notice would’ve served the same speed of dismissal. Public policy, public law, and political pressures have done such things as taken down massive services like file sharing service, “Napster,” and their affiliates. A recent example of this is the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s cases against a file management service, “Megaupload”( .Apr07, 2013). It is no stretch to say that ‘’ may have been under specific direction/pressures.
    I would reason that ‘’s case is as easy or difficult to make, without publicizing the posted contents in question, as it is for ‘’ to reason dismissal without publicizing the posted contents in question along with the accusation.

    • I got more information out this when i moved to enom, the same organization send an complain there but enom actually provided me with information after asking. The organization who kept harassing my domain providers was actually a german child-protection one. Apparently lolicon is illegal there and they think that the world evolves around german law. Instead of actually helping children, money that is donated by several company’s and the EU is wasted on nonsense such as trying to protect pixels.

  2. In Germany lolicon is NOT illegal. Only distribution. Commercial and non-commercial. Can you send me an email and tell me what the name of this organization was?

  3. Wow this happened in march? I just now found out about this. Maybe thats why didnt work. Well atleast i know u guys are trying and things happen.

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  6. I am PRAYING Orly hires a spokesperson now. the Obots LOVE making a spectacle of her, she is no match for liberal pundits. They know, and use it to make "birthers" look like whackos. But try as they might, Orly is a true "sticks and stones" model. They don't hurt her. Her tenacity and fortitude have to be making them crazy. No matter how they scorn or ridicule her, she's the "Timex Attorney"!

  7. Phil McDade?That is just stupid. It is not his deal.Yes, there is a written agreement-so what? Agreements are broken all the time.IF the school board had any type of backbone-they would refuse and force CG and/or Homburg to take them to court. The board will not do that because they like the money for their campaigns, holiday parties and being invited over for hot yoga.

  8. Rosie – det var inte meningen att trampa dig pÃ¥ tÃ¥rna. Jag ville bara berätta utifrÃ¥n mina erfarenheter att det gÃ¥r att gilla julen även om man haft problematiska jular under barndomen. Men vars och ens situation är ju unik, och självklart ska man inte fira med nÃ¥gon som förstör ens jul. Det väljer man själv. Hoppas du fÃ¥r en God Jul i alla fall oavsett om du firar och med vilka.

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